Why are you an Organizer?
I genuinely love to tidy and create order out of any chaotic area. It calms me, the process makes me excited, and the whole idea of creating transformation makes me appreciate the job I have. Connecting emotionally with women and helping them live their best life makes me feel like I have purpose. You know? 
This just feels good.

       Why is it worth it to hire an Organizer?
-You've needed this peace of mind for a while.
-You'll know where all of your belongings are, effortlessly.
-You'll save money knowing what you have and what you need.
-You'll be able to be more productive!
-You'll have a new sense of pride in your home.
-You'll have a new sense of confidence in yourself.
-You'll gain the gift of extra time. 
-A new sense of inspiration will create new opportunities in your life.

-RELIEF! Your strength will be regained and you will be back in your power.

       How much experience do you have?
I have organized and rearranged spaces for myself, friends & family whenever I've gotten the opportunity. In 2018 I received my Professional Organizer's Certificate from completing a course at IAP Career College. Previous to that, I've been employed by Hamilton Health Sciences in various roles (mostly administrative), a couple of Cleaning Companies, and as a Housekeeper for a Family of 6 with an In-Home Daycare.

What have I learned from it all? That I don't fit into the generic 9-5 work world, and that I love the feeling of accomplishment and value I get after making someone's life a little easier. Beautifying a space makes me SO HAPPY. I want everyone to feel amazing!


My most authentic happiness comes from helping people... so the Client and I are in it together, bringing each other our own sense of joy. 

       I just want someone to tidy my closet...do I have to buy a bunch of organizing products on top of what you're already charging?
That is completely up to you. I will give you resources to find what you're looking for and conveniently shop for it upon request. Keep in mind, you do not always need extra solutions to create a cute space.($ See Terms Of Service )

Wildly Clean offers a Closet Makeover Package with hangers and bins included... But GIRL- depending on your budget to get extras, your space transformation can really pack a BEAUTY-PUNCH! So... what’s your budget?
So many stores now have a home goods section with cute storage products, and if you’re worried about breaking the bank- don’t sleep on the dollar store!! 💕

       Do you have a organizing team?
No. It will just be myself, and I will either work with you along side me while we purge and sort, or independently depending on the project. I like to listen to music during my sessions, it keeps me feeling positive and energized. My favourite is the Oldies, but feel free to tell me what you're into and I'll create a playlist for our time together!

       What is the break down of your service charges? 
Organizing and tidying someone's home is a specialty service. 
It's one that includes:

--Travelling to and from Client's homes

--Time spent discussing the project during non-work hours

--The Packages I've created for my services to supply you with resources to reference later. 

--Assessing the area and creating notes of budget, what visions the Client has, and curating the simple, custom steps to follow for each transformation. 

--Conveniently removing donations and garbage while implementing new ways of storing Client's belongings.

--Hearing client's personal stories and possibly going through some emotional cleansing. I am 100% supportive and eager to make Client's feel heard and validated while sorting through the hard stuff. You get more than just a tidy space, I have that sister-friend vibe about me. 


--Shopping for storage solutions for the Client if requested In Store or Online
($ See Terms Of Service )
Solutions- Your Organized Living Store, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Amazon, The Container Store, etc.

--Selling Client's belongings on Kijiji & Facebook Marketplace, Taking photos and creating ads online ($ See Terms Of Service )

*All of these tasks factor into the price as this job can be time consuming off the clock as well as on, and entirely energy driven.

Contact me at your convenience for more information about my rates.

*PLEASE NOTE: As time goes on my services, rates, and terms will evolve with me and my experience. Thank you!